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Outpatient vascular clinic VenArt s.r.o
Yes! We will get rid you of your varicose veins
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Outpatient vascular clinic
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Outpatient vascular clinic
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Outpatient vascular clinic
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VenArt s.r.o.
Endovenous laser ablation EVLA

Less painful, short recovery, far less bruising, better cosmetic effect. 

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VenaSeal Closure System

VenaSeal Closure System (VenaSeal System) belongs among the most modern permanent therapy methods.

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This intervention involves a surgical removal of the insufficient part of the aesthetically problematic vein.

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Broad spectrum of applications allows primary treatment of small aesthetically unacceptable varices.

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MUDr. Radek Vyšohlíd
Founder and Medical Director
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